Addressing One of Our City’s Greatest Needs

Although we believe that NYC is the greatest city in the world, our own residents and especially our own youth and young adults are in need of much greater access to the high-skilled jobs they have been excluded from.

Our program creates pathways that maximize their chances to obtain the future positions of their choice.


Students are placed on Teams where they are connected with resources such as mentors, information on educational paths, internships, skill building and more.

Working with program staff and fellow team members, they also work on identifying their skills, values, passions and comparative advantages while carefully comparing each of these with market realities.


The Program forms teams of 8-10 students each selected with the help of Community Partners based on criteria designed to be inclusive of individuals from diverse social, economic and academic backgrounds and from a wide variety of personal perspectives.


The Program works with Community entities, such as Churches and Community based non-profit organizations to do the following:

  • Identify youth and young adults who wish to participate in the program
  • Work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure attendance by participants
  • Work closely to accomplish the objectives of the program

If you are interested in applying, please go to our Application Page:

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