Our Mission

Are you Ready to Start Up?

On this site we delve into the Big Picture issues surrounding NYC’s Startup Ecosystem with podcasts, articles, discussions and more.

What Are NYC’s Comparative Advantages?

Although we might have gotten started later than Silicon Valley or Route 128 in Massachusetts, as the world’s most significant City, we have so many unique advantages to work with as we move into the future of startups.

Connecting our Startup Ecosystem to these unique advantages with surgical precision is a focus of our efforts.

What is the Nature of Our Adaptive Capacity?

Along with unique advantages also comes the totality of our shared History & Culture – the good, the bad and everything in-between.

Fostering relationships between local institutions, industrial structures and corporate entities is critically important to the continuing evolution of our City and Region.

Best Practices & the Best Way Forward

Today, the City of Shenzen is experiencing great momentum utilizing a set of practices and behaviors that bear a striking similarity to those used by Silicon Valley and documented in the book, “Regional Advantage.”

Such best practices should be understood by the various entities within the NYC Startup Ecosystem and applied to their full extent.

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